Posted on May 03 2017

Our good friend Sydney, of the Coffee Stained Lace fashion blog, recently posted her take on the maxi/romper that is taking over the boutique world. She styled four looks from Punch! and she looks fab! Here's a snippet from her post, but check out her blog for the full report.

"I will be perfectly honest & upfront: when I first saw this trend on the rise, I was hesitant to get on board, and couldn’t see myself walking around town in a maxi/romper hybrid. I like both items, but wasn’t sure that they could work together. 

Well I am here to say that my first impression was, well, just a first impression- I tried one on at my favorite boutique {you all know it by now} and I was instantly sold. 

There’s something so flattering about the look-the flowy silhouette moves with you every step you take, it lengthens the leg, can be dressed up for a night on the town or dressed down for a walk on the beach- it’s all around fireworks, in my opinion."

We have tons of this style in store and online, with more on the way. What do you think? Is it a fan fav for the summer?