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There's no I in Team...

Posted on February 12 2015

As we continue to build Punch! I wanted to make sure to highlight our team members, it'll take a lot of hard work to get this baby up and running so these peeps will be an integral part of the process! So without further ado, meet John!


John Vigliotti joined the Punch! team about 4 years ago…let me explain..

It was an extremely hot spring day in Houston, TX when I ran into my new neighbor who happened to have just moved from Baltimore. After watching my family and I struggle to move furniture he finally caught my drift & offered to help move my couch;) Little did he know that couch would end up being a lot more work than he anticipated…a dog, 2 cats, a cross country move, and one house later!

Punch! had always been a grand vision of mine but I think secretly he hoped my ADD would impede and I would decide to pursue something less cumbersome so to speak.

He figured it out and then some. Things got even more interesting for him when I explained that I now wanted to build a Punch! empire, I would expand the store to become a chain and then design and produce private label jewelry… say whaaaaa

Its ok, he married me anyway;)

Now not sure how this worked out so well, but John is actually a finance guy! Yes, finance…pretty much everyone’s least favorite part of owning a business! My eyes twinkled and I was wooed at “Ill do your balance sheets & P&L’s”…ummm yes please!!! Anyone who seriously enjoys that stuff is nuts…and a saint…those people obviously do not have ADD! Good for them!

So as I’m sure you’ve concluded John is our finance guru, he will help manage the business process and most importantly rein in his merchandising loving wife…did I mention he has a full time job!? Lol I am thrilled that we have John to help build this business, he is a truly great partner! John’s very creative and most importantly he’s witty and funny…he will certainly remind me we aren’t curing cancer on those stressful days! I am so excited to have him by my side throughout this adventure!


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