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Cray, Cray

Posted on March 11 2015

The last few weeks have been as they say "cray, cray"

-Finalized Brand Identity
-Presented Business Plan to bank
-Acquired a Tax Permit from MD
-Went to apparel market in NY
-Met with building designers
-Ordered fixtures
-Developed product

Shall I continue....is your head spinning yet?!?!? Yep, mine too…good thing they recently “proved” red wine was “good” for you ;)

So, how to summarize a crazy couple weeks...how bout I just skip the boring stuff (Ahem...bank...ahem... tax permits)... you can use your imagination with how fun that really was! Although, I will use this as a quick rant opportunity as I know many of you can relate. I cannot express how many eye rolls I have encountered through this process from government officials inconvenienced by the fact that I do not know where to find forms, which sections to fill out, etc….so to those people “I really apologize for not knowing to pick up the yellow form out of the 30 different options, turn to page 7 and only fill out section B.6-C.2- I really should have known”  ahhhhh Ok Rant over!

Let’s get down to the fun stuff….we have a LOGO!!! Years ago when I thought about what I wanted the Punch branding to encompass I really wanted something bold but chic and randomly decided that an exclamation point was just the mark I wanted. I think perhaps the idea came from using them excessively… (Yes, I’m one of those people) but I loved the idea nonetheless. So you can imagine going to our design team and saying “well… I want it to be girly, bold, chic, classic, pretty, oh yeah and there has to be an exclamation point!” I’m sure an interesting request, but in the end they pulled it off and seeing the vision come to life was AWESOME! Soooo drumrolllllll………… snapshot Now any good buzz brand must have buzzworthy goods…so a couple of weeks ago we were off to market! Market has always been one of my favorite parts of the job but this market was different. For one I brought along one of our employees who runs my store in Texas. It was really neat to share the experience with someone for their first time. It was also the first time to be scouring for not only new brands but potential partners to help do product development on behalf of Punch! Coming from the world of corporate retail where I could come up with a concept and have a production rolodex at my fingertips to sourcing for small one off pieces has been a totally new experience, but one of great value.

One of my favorite appointments last week was a designer who incorporates fashion illustrations into a lot of her jewelry packaging. She had really unique products and is in the process of growing her brand like so many of us. One of the most rewarding parts of this job is to see the abundance of creative vision and true love and passion for this business. It was a great reminder to not get so hung up in the nitty gritty and stress, because after all I really love this job and I’m lucky to say so.


Photo: Syd's first day @ market

While I’m sure you’re elated to read about my self-reflection, you were probably expecting the market paragraph to highlight some fun PRODUCT!!! Soooo let me share some of our Faves….

11043185_983583978332614_3848690224078025415_n IMG_9622

Tassels were all the rage this market!


Fun, embellished beach totes!



Adorable mini CZ studs!



Picture22  Picture24 

Quite possibly the most adorable showroom I have ever seen!!! This showroom in the heart of Soho houses three designers and showcases specialty lines for market. One of the designers specializes in fashion illustration products, the other specializes in jewelry with illustration carding and the third is a furniture/décor designer.  A trio made in creative heaven:)

***More sneak peeks to come...check back***

Hope you have enjoyed the update…I know this post is completely scatterbrained but that’s where we are at this stage, working on a lil bit of everything…always keeping it interesting! Till next time… XOXO


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