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Never judge a book by its cover!

Posted on March 20 2015

If you have asked in the last several months to see pictures of the Casa de Punch, I have most likely informed you that its current state looks like the backdrop from the movie Saw! And it did/does.

One thing that I always learned growing up was to visualize the potential in everything. My mom would take me to antique stores and pick out junk to “reinvent,” I totally thought she was nuts! Haha But as usual, moms “always” right! Over time I grew to develop the skill and that imagination would certainly be called upon when walking through the doors of 1132 S. Charles St.

I absolutely loved the location of the space and thought the outside was absolutely adorable- with some freshening up it would be perfect. Then we opened the door…if I would call it a door!? To my shock, the inside literally looked like a bomb went off…in 1952…and a hurricane came shortly thereafter! Sort of terrifying!

BUT…as they say, never judge a book by its cover! As I stepped over fallen beams, holes, fell in sunken floors, and dodged dripping leaks…I saw the light (literally because the roof had a gaping hole) HA! It really was perfect! It had a nice upstairs to make my corporate office, as well a section to house back stock completely separate from the sales floor, which is sooo hard to find in the city! The downstairs was extremely spacious and has one section with 9ft ceilings and one with 11ft! I could add a beautiful feature wall, bathroom, expansive fitting rooms, etc., the anxiety level was seizing by the minute.

Before I decided to pull the trigger I took a moment to stand inside and just try and listen to my gut, was this the right space, am I crazy?! The thoughts that run through anyone’s mind when making a life changing decision. It was in that moment that my gut spoke back, I was amazingly calm and had this intense feeling of positivity, this little diamond in the rough was going to be mine. Now to break the news to John, who is less inclined to look beyond the holes and instead actually physically count them! Haha I believe we ended with about 42 on the first floor! That’s a finance guy for ya;) Nevertheless, while our friends were welcoming new baby’s into their lives, we were welcoming the set of Saw to ours! Just another chapter in the Vigliotti love story:)

So here we stand 2 months later….

  • The roof has been completely replaced- a fun task in the middle of 2 snow storms, might I add
  • All ceilings ripped out and gutted
  • Walls blown out, framing has started
  • Paneling removed to open the front windows into the space
Fun Finds:
  • We discovered that underneath the tin ceiling to hold the insulation from the floor above they installed a version of sheetrock from the 1880’s containing horse hair! The horse hair acted as a bonding agent to hold together the material…Kinda Cool


Photo: Horse Hair Sheetrock

  • We also discovered salvageable hardwood floors from the 1800’s- we were thrilled to find these as they will certainly add to the historic nature of the space- they will be stained white which will really pull out some of the unique indentations that they have sustained over the last 100 years!


Photo: Hardwood floors peeking through:)

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