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Pretty in...PINK!

Posted on May 08 2015

Well, per usual its been a crazy couple weeks but also been some of the most fun since this process started! In the last two weeks we debuted our "Coming Soon" window display and did our very first Punch! Photo Shoot...only slightly more fun than dealing with permits and financials;)

Let me rewind a bit and answer the #1 question I have been getting..."How did you come up with the name Punch?"

It really is not an exciting story in the least! haha Years ago after I graduated from college I lived in Austin, TX. Austin if you know anything about it dotes the term "Keep Austin Weird." It's one of the most fun places I have ever lived and was where I originally envisioned starting this venture. There's a famous street in ATX (as us Texans call it) called South Congress. The street is filled with everything weird and awesome, amazing shops, artwork, food trucks, bars, you name it! One day while walking the street I was trying to envision this store, how we would stand out as a shop in this crazy creative mecca. We needed a name that was really bold, kinda random, and could be really fun with marketing...What about Punch...but with an exclamation point! Done!

While I knew that Punch would be a fun standout name I needed a bold color scheme to go with it and I decided hot pink, little did I know that would really work out well down the road! While researching punch domains for our online store I came to find out that Punch.com was taken by this small little company known as Hawaiian Punch! Shit! It hit me, well… what about playing on the pink and going with prettyinpunch.com (i.e. 1986 Pretty In Pink)?! I loved it!! I immediately called my mom who is the marketing expert and when she gave it the seal of approval I knew we were on to something!

Fast forward to present day and I sat looking at these two little windows and found myself thinking once again, what is going to be really bold, fun and draw a lot of attention….as always go with pink! I turned to one of my favorite Etsy shops to find the perfect paper drapes. A week later I found myself questioning my grand ideas while in the 3rd hour of taping each strand! Ha Making a statement is never quite as simple in reality as it is in your head. While it took about 4 hours, 3 rolls of tape and some serious patience I am absolutely thrilled with how it turned out! It has been so fun to drive or walk by and see people just standing in front of the windows looking and trying to get a peek!




Yep! So much fun:)------------------------------------------------->

Till next time!


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