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Foto Fate!

Posted on May 12 2015

As we all know rarely do things just fall perfectly into our laps, but just when you think you can't catch a break suddenly one or in this case, two did!

A couple months ago I was discussing the fact that I needed to find a photographer with John for some marketing and web materials. He had mentioned that he knew a girl from back in high school that he was pretty sure was a photographer. Low and behold upon Facebook stalking her it was confirmed. Naturally knowing it couldn't be that easy I mentally prepared for the fact that I was not going to like her style, she was probably strange or really any other excuse I could come up with.

After I hit enter on my keyboard and her webpage opened on my screen I knew I found my match! The company is called Living Radiant Photography. As my eyes dazzled with excitement I couldn't type up an email to Maggie Nolan fast enough, Maggie aka John’s old acquaintance. Upon preparing to meet up with Maggie I wanted to get the scoop from John and came to find out they had only actually met a couple of times and he didn't really know anything about her other than this photography page that popped up on his news feed.

Shortly after we met up for lunch to review our agenda and finalize details. I felt like I had known Maggie for years, we were laughing, strategizing and brainstorming on how to grow our little empires, I absolutely loved her! I felt like I hadn’t just hired a photographer but met a great friend! While discussing some of the brand images I had mentioned the fact that I was really trying to find a Dalmatian as I wanted to incorporate said posh pup into our marketing campaigns- a Punch! mascot if you will! Maggie immediately took to her social media pages calling on all friends to get in touch if they knew of a spotted pooch we could use! Unfortunately time was tight and we weren’t able to get a dog for the shoot but that didn’t take away from the excitement.

A few days later the shoot was on and Maggie was absolutely fantastic, she has a wonderful eye and an amazing way of making everyone feel at ease. She had the girls laughing and relaxed, set some awesome styled shots and oh yeah took some gorgeous photos! It turned out to be a beautiful day, the models were fantastic and the photos were great, I was so excited this had turned out so well and told john it was like photo fate, little did I know I had one more surprise in store.

We were at the last location shooting some of the final shots when all of a sudden I heard Maggie whisper over, “is that a Dalmatian down there?” Say what?!? No way! Looking forward there stood two people walking their beautiful Dalmatian right into our photoshoot. I’m not sure who got more excited, me or Maggie, we immediately started jumping around like a bunch of giddy girls. We knew we had to seize this opportunity and get this pup involved. We bounced right up to this couple to ask if we could use their dog in our photo shoot, not really the typical question you get while taking your dog for a walk. It was our lucky day as they immediately agreed and there we were taking some of the very last shots with our mascot that was not only dreamt up months earlier but walked right into our scene! Total Foto Fate!!!

Meet Dice, our new mascot:)  Dice is 11 years old and unfortunately had a slight foot injury, but was a true professional and amazing model might I add!


A sneak peek at some of the gorgeous shots!!

10981911_10100135438068612_8014485304187515279_n 11263877_10100137263754922_1395169760_n 11225635_10100137263680072_225825125_n 11188355_10100135438063622_3156014674737703729_n

If you would like to get more information on Living Radiant you can find all the info here:



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