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Posted on April 02 2018

Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Security or freedom? This April, the planets are gathering in two contrasting corners of your chart, and you’ll need to obey both calls. Should you simply go with what’s right in front of you and make it work—the “turning lemons into lemonade” approach? Or should you keep digging for other options before just settling on Plan A? Tough call… and even tougher for a dualistic sign like yours. 

Since you're turning lemons into lemonade, Meadowlark is going to be your color for Spring! Never thought you would rock yellow? Start with smaller pieces like shoes or a handbag and build up from there! 

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Come out and play or stay in your cocoon? You’ll need to dip in and out of the public scene this month, as the planets gather in two contrasting camps. The Sun, Mercury and Uranus are in Aries and your social third house, which will spark synergies and fill your calendar with lively invitations. But Mars, Saturn and Pluto are hunkered down in Capricorn and your hidden twelfth house, exerting a strong pull for you to slip off the grid or dive into some healing inner work. Strike a healthy balance, leaving room for analyzing AND imagination.

Subtle yet fun is what color you should lean towards this Spring, and that color is Blooming Dahlia. The perfect mix of coral with pastel touches works for both your carefree days at home, and your nights out on the town. 


Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Fly free, or get closer? You’ll be tugged between autonomy and intimacy as the planets crowd into two contrasting camps this April. This may force you to juggle the dueling desires to tend to family obligations and to “do you.” You might also vacillate between bursts of can-do energy and periods when you just need to rest or escape into a creative cocoon. Loved ones could clamor for your wisdom and support, but set clear limits so you don’t end up overburdened with their responsibilities. A solo project could heat up and, with Mars boosting your mojo, you’ll magnetize some ardent fans and admirers with little effort. Enjoy the celestial swagger that your exalted ruler bestows upon you!

It sounds like you will want to have some stand-out looks available this month! Cherry Tomato is the perfect combination of bold and fierce to get you through whatever this month brings. 

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Passion or practicality? You’ll get a heaping helping of both this April, as the planets gather in two contrasting corners of your chart. Packed into the fun-loving camp are the Sun, Mercury and Uranus, which are traveling through Aries and your expressive, “carpe diem” fifth house. But it won’t be easy to ignore your ticker and all its temptations. The Sun remains in Aries until April 19, igniting your passionate fifth house of romance and joie de vivre. This is one of your annual hedonistic cycles, and it will be hard to resist indulging your every whim and want. Treat yourself—you’ve earned it!

Because the power of passion will be fueling you this month, Chili Oil is the perfect color to add to your wardrobe. Undertones of red make pieces in this color practical and sultry. It is also a color that will carry over into fall, so you can get multiple seasons of wear! 

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Lean in or expand? You’re tugged in dueling directions this April, as the stars cluster into two camps: one pushing for growth and adventure, the other demanding attention to detail. At times this might feel like one step forward, two steps back. But ideally, you’ll come to find the balance between blue-sky dreaming and pragmatic planning, as well as a way to turn your visionary ideas into a viable reality. 

Talk about a go-getter! As you conquer the world, Pink Lavender is the color for you! The flirty side of pink mixed with the power of purple is the perfect combo for accessories, makeup, and clothes. 

Libra Monthly Horoscope

What about YOU, Libra? In April, you’re tugged between so many people’s needs it feels like you’ll never please them all… much less catch a minute for yourself. The planets are clustering in your opposite sign, Aries, which rules your partnership sector, and in Capricorn, governess of your domestic fourth house. That’s a lot of activity with family, home and relationships to navigate all at once—even for your people-loving sign! 

Show yourself a little love by showering yourself in Almost Mauve. It's all about beauty and letting yourself shine. Almost Mauve is a versatile color that can be great on its on, or mixed with other colors or prints. 


Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Hibernate or celebrate? You’ll be pulled between dueling desires for privacy and live-out-loud expression this month, as the planets cluster into two distinct sectors of your chart. Mars, Saturn and Pluto are holding a cosmic confab in Capricorn, which governs your passionate fifth house. Hello, spring awakening! With randy Mars here, your wild side is having a coming-out party, although structured Saturn could temper that a bit. All the same, don’t be surprised when your theatrical streak emerges—or you start turning heads without trying.

It sounds like you will be the center of attention this month, and so is Lime Punch! Not quite a yellow, and not a green, this alluring color draws attention. 

Leo Monthly Horoscope

Expansion, contraction: April could feel like a continuous balancing act as a passel of planets crowd into two signs, spotlighting contrasting areas of your chart. The Sun, Mercury and Uranus are in Aries, which rules your ninth house of growth and adventure. Especially while the Sun is here until April 19, you’ll feel a tingling urge to take a leap of faith and explore new possibilities. As a Leo, you really love the idea of doing something big and bold. Most times, you’re an immediate “yes!”

Big and Bold! The color of the year, Ultra Violet is definitely the color for you this month. You can spice up your look with accent pieces like cute statement earrings or make a bolder statement with Ultra Violet pants! 

Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Goals, interrupted? This month’s starry lineup pulls you in two dueling directions, as the planets crowd into both your career sector and your relationship house, then proceed to compete for your attention.  April could shower you with professional opportunities, thanks to the Sun’s annual visit to Aries and your tenth house of ambition, long-term goals and public image. With el Sol at the top of your chart, you’ve got your eye on some rather specific aims, and you’d be wise to carve out focused time for those. Hang a “Do not disturb” sign and plop yourself into a distraction-free zone where you can be left alone to get things DONE.

April brings power to your goals, and so will Emperador! Don't let this brown fool you, almost every in-style look this season has some element of this color. From jackets, to lips, to full on ensembles, Emperador will definitely assist in your goal seeking. 

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Come out and play or hibernate a little longer? You could be pulled between dueling desires for a vibrant social life and some time off the grid. As a Gemini, you’re no stranger to such contrasts. You might barely even notice when you swing between intensity and detachment—though your loved ones and colleagues may complain of whiplash. This month’s starmap will illuminate your outgoing eleventh house (ruled by Aries) and your intimate eighth house (ruled by Capricorn). You need people AND privacy in equal doses. Go spend time in the middle of the action, working the crowds and posting up a storm on social media—but then retreat to your secret cave to shake off all the energy you’ve absorbed and get stuff done without distractions!

Spring Crocus is a mix of classic Spring purple, but with a new energetic influence of pink and red tones. As you work on balancing your life, this color palette will compliment whatever activities you do! 

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Spring forward or fall back? Your life could resemble the classic Daylight Savings Time rule this month. For the first three weeks of April, the planets pull you in dueling directions of nonstop expansion and you’ll feel a serious need to rest. There’s an undercurrent of exciting growth in the air, finished off with top notes of good old-fashioned fatigue. If you feel the irresistible call of Egyptian cotton sheets and your down comforter, the cosmos grants you a couple more weeks of hibernation.

Blue is a color of serenity, so Little Boy Blue is the color for you this month. It's classic and beautiful- perfectly matched. As you recharge your batteries, use pieces in this color to also revamp your look and still feel confident. 

Aries Monthly Horoscope

All hail the radiant Ram! It’s Aries season—meaning the Sun is making its annual sojourn through your sign until April 19—and you should be feeling in your element. Not only is it birthday time for you, Aries; it’s an annual reset in astrology, as you start your “solar return” and begin another journey around the Sun. Where would you like to make a fresh start? Which brilliant brainstorms do you want to put into action?

Happy birthday Aries! As you celebrate you this month, the regal Arcadia will be the perfect color addition to your already glowing look.  It's a Spring take on the royal green, and you will see lots of pieces in this color all through the season. 

 As you play with colors this month, remember, the only thing that really makes an outfit shine is YOU. 



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