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Posted on August 07 2018

Oh, August...the stepping stones from summer to our beloved Fall. This month's horoscopes are all about current trends. These trends will help you rev up your looks based on your horoscope and what your future holds! 

March 21 to April 19

Your love and money planet, Venus, has a solstice this month. Translation: She's slowing down to change direction and you should do the same. From the 5th to the 9th, she'll be pressing pause, calling on you to redirect your energy in your relationships and to assess how you think about your financial flow. The solar eclipse on August 11 will enter your fifth house of creativity. Use this energy to tap into any projects that are bouncing around in your head but have yet to become reality. You never know where they might lead. On August 22, the sun sashays into your house of health and work. If you're looking for a new job or want to take up yoga, take advantage of this time!

Fashion Trend: High waisted work out pants with crop tops. As you embrace this newfound energy, look at all the new trends of athletic wear and athleisure to get you in the creative spirit. High-waisted sets are super on trend right now, and make you feel playful with your workout!

April 20 to May 20

The solar eclipse on August 11 will mirror the past two eclipses, in terms of how it affects you, Taurus. Think back to any noteworthy moments you had with your family last month. Did you have an especially meaningful chat with your parents? Did a relative mention wanting to spend more time with you? This third eclipse will continue to place the emphasis on your home and family, and the clues for how you can make progress in these areas may be hidden in your recent interactions.

Fashion Trend: The fanny pack! Don't worry, it's not neon with a huge belt clip. They are coming back in style...and are actually stylish. They are perfect for a concert, or brunching with your girls. Give your shoulders a break, and embrace this trend! 

May 21 to June 20

Your ruling planet, Mercury, will end its retrograde and go direct on the 19th of the month, so mark your calendar now. This planet also rules your home and family life, so you'll have ample opportunity to tune into your emotional side, clean your house, find lost things, or complete a project that you meant to sort out. Whether you're planning for school or your post-Labor Day goals, stay on top of your plan for September — make a list and check it twice.
Fashion Trend: the Jumper! Another fashion blast from the past is the jumper! So many brands are making them in jeans and cotton materials. This is the perfect trend to keep you comfy and stylish while you check things off your to-do list. 

June 21 to July 22

Ground yourself by turning your attention to your comfort zone of home and family. On the 22nd, Mercury ends its retrograde and move into your third house. The third house governs your mind and intellect, so if you want to pick up a new skill or delve into a new book, here's your chance to dive deep. August 11's solar eclipse will occur in your money house. If you've been going over budget, don't stress — the eclipse will reveal where you need to adjust. Mars will mosey back into your seventh house of relationships after August 13. Remember to keep your cool when it comes to talking to your partner about stressful subjects. We recommend making time for spicy dates to break the tension.


Fashion Trend: Smocking! This is the perfect trend to add to your date night repertoire. Smocking comes in two pieces and one piece sets. Its the perfect mix of romantic and spicy! 

July 23 to August 22

Your money matters have been front and center since your financial planet, Mercury, started its retrograde at the end of July. Don't let it phase you. When this planet goes direct on the 19th, you feel much calmer about your cash flow. And when the sun enters your money house on the 23rd, you'll be laughing your way to the bank. Venus, your career planet, will have her summer solstice from the 5th to the 9th of August. This little power nap will last for four days, and on the 9th she will change direction — and so might your career.


Fashion Trend: Buttons! That's right- buttons! Button front, button back, and everything in between. We are seeing this trend everywhere and it is so versatile. It will help take your look from day to night as you explore your new career options! 


August 23 to September 22

Are you feeling luxurious, Virgalicious? We might have some insight: Your money planet, Venus, moved into your sign on July 10, where it will max and relax until August 7. Expect to feel these comfy and cozy vibes to their full effect. And the fun doesn't stop there. The sun will enter your sign on the 22nd of the month, only adding to the warm and fuzzy feelings. You spend a great deal of time taking care of others, but now it's time to treat yourself, Virgo.

Fashion Trend: Mules! Treat yourself to some new shoes for your end of summer/fall wardrobe! They are so cute AND comfy!  They come in all shapes, colors, and materials. 

September 23 to October 22

You're so good at keeping everyone happy, Libra. Yet, This month's solar eclipse will test one of your strongest areas: friendship. Kinks, quirks, or flat-out conflicts in your social circles may be brought to light, but if anyone can overcome these challenges, it's you. Your ability to see fairness in everything makes you an excellent mediator, even when you're embroiled in the drama. That said, you shouldn't let your diplomatic streak keep you from standing up for yourself if you need to.


Fashion Trend: Graphic Tee! Graphic tees are making a huge comeback. Some are full on vintage blast from the past, and others represent inspiring #girlboss messages. 

October 23 to November 21

Changes, changes, and more changes, Scorpio — that's what's headed your way. The solar eclipse on the 11th will rock your career path. Remember the eclipse of July 13? Remember the positives strides you made and what challenges you came across? If things get chaotic at work, take a moment to write down what you did to get through last month's eclipse that worked (and what didn't). Use that info to make a new plan for the future. Looking back on your slip-ups might get uncomfortable, but you can handle it.

Fashion Trend: Power Color Mustard! As you navigate these new changes, the new power color in town, mustard, will carry you through. You can find any clothing item, accessories, and more in mustard right now. This is a very easy trend to fully embrace, or simply add subtle touches to your wardrobe. 

November 22 to December 21

August's solar eclipse on the 11th will be a bit of a rerun of July 13's solar eclipse, but that doesn't mean it'll be a bore, Sag. It will take place in your ninth house of spirituality, so look out for opportunities to learn something new and expand your mind. For Archers who are itching for a little action, you're in luck — aside from the eclipse, you'll hardly spend this month with your nose in a book.

Fashion Trend: The Tie Top!  Since you are going to be a social butterfly, this is definitely the look for you.  You can even be a little edgy and use a scarf as a tie top! Get it, girl!  

December 22 to January 19

The eclipse on the 11th could be a real game-changer, Capricorn. It's set to pass through your eighth house of regeneration, so you may feel like you suddenly have everything figured out. But, don't spend this celestial event kicking back. Instead, use it to explore your life goals and examine how you'd like to impact the world.

Fashion Trend: Boyfriend Jean. Congrats on getting everything together! The boyfriend jean is a comfortable way to dress an outfit up or down. You can even pair this trend with some of the other previously mentioned trends to bring together an even more fab look.

January 20 to February 18

Are you currently involved with someone, Aquarius? The solar eclipse on the 11th will pass through your house of relationships, so keep an eye out for signs that you need to touch base or even have a capital-T Talk with your partner. If something comes up, muster up as much patience as you can and express your emotions with the highest level of compassion. If you can make it through this astrological event, you'll be able to handle anything together.

Fashion Trend: Bamboo bag! If you need to get away with the girls or have a date night with your man, this is the perfect new trend to try. It's a fun way to up your outfit without a tradition clutch! 

February 19 to March 20

Get ready to buckle down, Pisces. The third eclipse of the year will take place in your sixth house of health and work, and it might feel like a replay of the events of July's solar eclipse. What did you do then to emerge relatively unscathed? What did you do, specifically, to support your colleagues? They might benefit from some of your signature Piscean positivity. Luckily, your career planet, Jupiter, is the best planetary cheerleader around and he's been moving forward in your sign since mid-July. In other words, Pisces, your sixth house is lit up this month.

Fashion Trend: Hoops! This is a trend that is here to stay! Embrace the hoops trend now- big or small and it will carry you into the fall season. 

Stay trendy lovelies! 






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