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Galentine's DIY: Prickly Edition

Posted on February 10 2018

Another year, another Galentine's day. Some of you reading this love Valentine's day, and others prefer to take part in National Singles Awareness Day. That is why this easy DIY is perfect for you and your ladies. Anyone can do this- whether you are team No Pricks Allowed or team My Life Would Succ Without You. 


This DIY can be as easy or as crafty as you want. We made the ones pictured above, however, there are plenty of easy options on Pinterest. At some local plant stores or hardware stores, you can buy the succulents already in a terra cotta pot- excellent- just put some gold paint on the pot and call it a day. 



If you want to create one of the versions we did which are a little less expensive, your planters are cleaned out old candles. Burn those babies all year long, but save the cute ones! Once cleaned out, they can be used as cute bathroom organizers or candy dishes. 




  • Finished candle or jar
  • Succulent(s) 
  • Toothpick or Wood Swizzle Stick
  • Extra dirt or sand
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Succulent Free Printable 
  • Glass of wine (optional) 

 Step 1: Clean out the candle.

There are two schools of thought here. Some people prefer to run really hot water over the remaining wax and wick in the candle. Throw in a little dawn soap and with a little elbow grease everything should wipe right out. Method two involves putting the candle in the freezer for 30-40 minutes. Too long and it gets too hard. Once you take it out of the freezer, use a spoon and it will literally pop right out. Usually, all in one chunk. We recommend still cleaning it out to make sure it looks pretty, especially if the candle jar is clear or translucent. 

Step 2: Put in plant 

Okay ladies, this is where we have to have the safety talk. Believe it or not, Succulents are soooo cute and adorable and small. But those prickly parts are no joke. If you are attempting this DIY with no previous DIY experience, keep it in the little plastic pot it came in and plop that sucker directly into a small cleaned out candle jar. If you choose this method, skip the rest of what I am about to say and go directly to Step 3 (sorry no $200 for passing go). 

If you are still with us, it means you are ready to replace Joanna Gaines on Fixer Upper. Put some soil or sand in the bottom of the cleaned out candle jar. How much depends on how big your jar it. I used just under 2 inches of sand in my version. Gently squeeze the plastic pot the succulent is in, and turn it sideways. This should help you in grabbing the soil part of the plant without having touch the prickly parts. I used three succulents of varying shapes and sizes for the size candle I had. You can choose however many you want- you are the boss of you own DIY. Top it off with some soil and added sand for decoration. Voila! You're done the hard part! 

Step 3: Cute signage

The final step! You made it! Your test is not over yet. You have to cut out two of those adorable free printable circles linked above- yes I said circle. If you are using a wood kabob stick or swizzle stick, use your scissors and cut it in half. Make two donut circles with the tape and put them on the back of one of the circles. If you don't know what a tape donut is, then go youtube it- that is a separate DIY. Place the top of the wooden stick on the tape. Make two more donut tape circles and place them on top of the wooden stick. Lastly, place the second on top of the tape with the writing facing you. 

Thanks for sticking with us for this easy and affordable DIY. If you don't have a crafty bone in your body, Champagne Bears also make great Galentine's gifts.  If you want to ignore the holiday all together because someone broke your heart, then here's an easy valentine for them: 

XOXO from all of us at Punch! 


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