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Posted on September 28 2017

This fashion season is full of new terms like gaucho and palazzo. You will still hear the old standbys, like oversized (as in sweater) and off the shoulder, but now they will be coupled with terms like embellished and embroidered.  Grommets, zippers, and belts are no longer reserved for just pants and skirts. To help you navigate how to wear these new styles, we have created a lesson to help. Class is now in session! 

Q: What are Palazzo Pants?

A: Wide leg women's trousers that are usually made with flowy fabrics. A Lot of times they have a belt or a tie to help break up your look.   

Picture Proof: 

Q: Should I have kept my Bedazzler? 

A: Yes, but that's okay, most stores will have you covered. It's an easy way to dress an outfit up or down by pairing it with jeans or tucking into a skirt. 

Picture Proof: 

Q: How oversized are we talking? I still wanna have a body shape. 

A: Oversized does mean big BUT with off the shoulder, cowl neck, and sleeve details added to the mix, you don't look like you're wearing your PJs. 

Picture proof: 

Make sure to show off your style in these trends with the hashtag #punchfallingforfall

Until next time beauties! 





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