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Posted on May 03 2018


This month we are taking fashion horoscopes to new, uncharted territory- prints! If you peruse Pinterest on the reg (we know you do) you see all these beautiful outfits styled to perfection with different prints. You may not feel runway ready to rock a head-to-toe look, but we've pulled some wearable options to match your horoscopes. Don't worry, these looks won't take you back to 1990 cheetah print self, but they will leave you feeling fierce. 

April 20 to May 20

It's your time to shine, Taurus! This is finally the month that will shake you out of your rut and give you a brand new trajectory. Take a risk — you don’t have to follow all the Bulls who have come before you. You can lead a whole new herd to greener pastures if that’s what you want to do. Mars will be in your house of ambition for a while just to inspire you to do something worthy of attention. You may want to check if your image and reputation is at odds with who you actually are. Ask yourself: Are you recognized by the deeds you do and the resources you have? It might be time to combine the person you are with the impression you hope to leave with others.

Print of the month: Foliage. This print is easy to add to your wardrobe for work or play. Sport the look at the office with a pencil skirt, or catching rays at the pool. 


May 21 to June 20

“Going inward” isn’t usually the direction that Gemini energy flows. Your sign has a million different interests and curiosities, so you typically aim for breadth instead of depth. Why get lost in the weeds at the bottom of the ocean when you could be swimming in sunlight shafts with dolphins and mermaids? High-minded Uranus will plunge into Taurus and your spiritual, subconscious twelfth house, awakening a sense of adventure in the deepest regions of your being. Your creativity could soar to new heights, along with your intuition. 

Print of the Month: Watercolor. Okay, so watercolor isn't exactly a true print, but this season watercolor fabrics and designs are being seen more and more. As you take on adventures, these prints will be perfect for guiding you through any challenges. 

June 21 to July 22

Your tagline isn’t "No New Friends," Cancer — it’s the reverse. This month you deserve to seek out new groups, organizations, and even some new hopes and wishes for the future Cancer. Why shouldn't you? You’ve been working nonstop on your relationships and that’s sometimes a drag, so why not pursue new bonds that light you up from the inside out? Don’t be afraid to get involved with new people just to see what comes out of it.

Print of the Month: Color Block. As you fill up your social calendar, pops of bright and fun colors will help your inner confidence radiate through. 


July 23 to August 22

If you’ve been chasing a dream of success for years on end, Leo, Uranus entering your house of career and reputation may throw all of that work in the trash. Don’t panic — this could be a great thing. After weeks of contemplating what you believe in and how to make it work on a practical level, Uranus may give you the eureka moment you’ve been looking for. When this shift happens, you could realize that you want more than just the usual fame, fortune, and security.

Print of the Month: Geometric. As you focus on your hustle and reaching for those dreams, geometric prints are the perfect mix of girly and bold that can take your look for day to night in flash. 



August 23 to September 22

Perspective shifts like this could lead you to pursue brand new hobbies, spiritual practices, or travel in order to discover the “truth.” On a practical level, you get to decide how this exploration reorganizes your everyday life and whether or not you will use what you’ve learned to give back through your creative work. Mars will lend you a hand by reminding you that what you do and how you act is a direct representation of you, so whatever truth you take on, be sure you can give it your stamp of approval before presenting it to the world at large.

Print of the Month: Gingham. As you work towards discovering yourself, why not try a new print? Gingham is making a huge comeback, and it is becoming a more sophisticated look. Whether it's shorts, tops, or even a dress, the options are endless. 

September 23 to October 22

Ready for an emotional adventure, Libra? 

As a sign that orients itself around being in partnership with others, the change and insight that accompany this transit could provide you with a nearly psychic understanding of why people do the things they do and why you do the same. For you, Libra, it’s about understanding that the balance you seek is based on opposing forces: light and dark, life and death, the “good” and the “bad." Uranus may encourage you to break free of the constraints that have stopped you from exploring in the dark. It's in the dark that great wisdom is found.

Print of the Month: Ditsies. As you take some time ti reflect on yourself and those around you, ditsies are an easy way to style a look effortlessly. You may not have heard the term, but trust me, I know you have some ditsie print in your closet. It basically means micro prints, or very small prints! 

October 23 to November 21

"What is love? / Baby, don’t hurt me no more." That doesn’t have to be your new theme song, Scorpio, but it may feel appropriate when Uranus enters your house of partnership on the 15th. Uranus is the planet of sudden beginnings and endings, so if your relationships with others suddenly become a bit unstable, know that Uranus is simply doing his work. The point is to get you to think about your relationships in a new way. Are you clinging to monogamy because it's what you know, but not necessarily what you need? Do you believe that there’s only one way to partner with other people whether romantically, in business, or with your friends?

Print of the Month: Floral. No matter what is happening with your love life, or your friend goals, floral print anything will have you in good spirits. Whimsical, romantic, and prefect for summer! 

November 22 to December 21

Mind over matter, Sagittarius — that’s the name of the game when Uranus gets into the mix on the 15th. Let’s confirm what we already know: You’re talented, qualified, and hardworking. Your challenge is to get yourself to believe those things (and flaunt your strengths). Now settle into believing in yourself and creating routines that support that notion. That means giving yourself enough time to do things, maybe going to bed on time, eating three full meals a day, exercising, having down time for yourself, the whole shebang. Your inner world creates the outer world, and you definitely want a healthy version of both.

Print of the Month: Ikat. Sometimes associated with boho or beachy, Ikat comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to wear, and find this season! 


December 22 to January 19

Time to put the idea that Sea Goats aren’t any fun to rest. You are, Cap — you’ve just always chose to pursue your fun with such seriousness that it turns into your career or money making venture. Express yourself just for the hell of it, because it’s fun. Fall in love then fall out of love with the same person. Dig into your imagination and create just for the sake of it. These exercises will fuel your self-esteem and identity. 

Print of the Month: Abstract. I know, abstract doesn't seem like a print- but it is bold and fun, just like you! As you go out pursuing adventure, this print will match up to all of your creative activities. 


January 20 to February 18

You’ve always stood out, Water Bearer, but now it's truly time to step out on your own. Uranus, your ruling planet, is entering your house of home and family. This influence can manifest in a few ways. You may physically move from your home, to a new place that suits your needs better. Or, on a deeper level, you may decide that the domestic and familial roots you've laid don’t fit you anymore. The physical move may be the easier of the two outcomes, but realizing that you’ve changed isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It could just mean that you need to search for a family unit that resonates with your particular blend of unique. 

Print of the Month: Ombre. As you move into possible changes, ombre is the perfect match. A gradual change in hue perfectly pairs with the gradual changes you could be making in your life. Remember, you've got this! 

February 19 to March 20 

This month, you’ll discover that the world is very different, Pisces — or at least you’ll start perceiving it differently. Uranus entering your house of mind will have you feeling even more intuitive than usual, with sudden insights popping into your head without knowing where they came from. Don’t worry about it, just trust and be open to the changes your mind is undergoing.

Print of the Month: Seersucker. As you broaden your horizons mentally and emotionally, why not re-think the way you perceive seersucker prints. When styled correctly, they go from something you wore as a child to your new go-to look! 

March 21 to April 19

You start out the month fairly quietly, until Mercury in your sign makes one last stand against Mars in your house of career and reputation on May 12. This will tie up that irritable mega boss saga you endured during Mercury’s retrograde in March, so consider it another chance to put your words into action without causing a power struggle within yourself or those around you. Remember, you’re the boss now. You’re get to decide what authority looks like in your life.

Print of the Month: Chambray. Chambray is one of the easiest prints to find this season and it is no longer just a shirt! We are seeing dresses, skirts, and even jumpsuits in this print. The possibilities are endless!


No Matter what style you choose for the beginning of summer, you are beautiful and try stepping out of your fashion comfort zone! 


Team Punch! 




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