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Punch Picks!

Posted on November 09 2016

This weeks Punch Picks are brought to you by one of our Punchies, Elizabeth. She picked a theme for this week and it’s cozy.

“I live for all things cozy and cold weather. When everyone else is complaining about the cold, I secretly love it. I am so happy that the poncho has taken over fashion trends this season. It means I can wear a cute tee with a cozy poncho and I am set for whatever the store has going on that day.”

I love our Diamond Knit Poncho because it fits really well.

“Some of you may know that I have a side hobby of knitting, but that hasn’t stopped me from falling in love with our knitted headbands. It saves you from the cold and a bad hair day- it’s a win win!”

I’ll take one in each color, please!

I’ll take one in each color, please!

“We’ve all had those days where you just need to decompress with a nice candle and a hot bath. Lollia’s Wish scented bubble bath is one of my favorites. I don’t often indulge in bath things for myself, but a certain holiday might be coming up *wink* *wink* Mom and Dad.”

Lollia Wish Bubble Bath

Stay tuned next Tuesday when we have Cydney’s Punch Picks with a sneak peak at Holiday!



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