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Punch Picks: Musical Edition!

Posted on January 24 2017

Re-merchandising the store is always so much fun but a lot of work so music is important to keep our vibe going- when we do a complete revamp. It can take up to 2 days to finish, so its important to keep our creativity going and what's better to do that than jamming out!

Flipping the store is about as intense as it sounds. It means all new displays, decor, and product. We’re not talking one or two new things, we’re talking over 30 new products and more than 20 new clothing styles. It’s a nice refresh for us and for our customers.

How do we survive this intensity? Damn good tunes. This week, our punch picks take on a musical flare, with all the Punchies weighing in on which songs and playlists get us in the mood to get shit done.

Punchie Song List

  • Beyonce- Upgrade U (Liv’s Pick)
  • Somebody Else- Verite (Liv’s Pick)
  • AJR- Weak (Eliz’s Pick)
  • Demi Lovato- Confident (Eliz’s Pick)
  • Ben Phipps- I Don’t Think So (Christine’s Pick)
  • Bruno Mars- 24k Magic (Christine's Pick)
  • Sophie Beam- Girls Will Be Girls (Cyd's Pick)
  • Britney Spears- Every single song, EVER (All Punchies pick)

 Our Fav Spotify Playlists

  • Mood Booster
  • Fresh & Chill
  • Songs to Sing in the Shower
  • Hot Country
  • Pop Chillout
  • Day Party

Creative Sound Bite from Cyd

When we do big seasonal changes we know what's coming in and can start to visualize where in the shop it would fit best and what it would sit well with so its easy to shop. We want our customers to always feel its easy to find what they are looking for but also be inspired by a collection around it.
I always draw inspiration from what I see at market, it can be displays, booth setups or trend packets, it lets the creativity flow.
Just recently a trip to Micheal's inspired our flower wall. I saw these flower cluster cubes and have been looking for something fun and different to put along our wall and knowing how vibrant and girly we wanted the shop to be for spring, I immediately knew this would sit so well against all the displays we had planned. You can truly draw inspiration from anywhere, even when your not looking:)


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