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Spring 2018 Style with Shoptini

Posted on March 06 2018

Over the past few weeks if you have stopped in Punch (which you obviously have), or have seen our Insta feed, then you have heard us refer to Magic. We did go to Vegas, but we didn't learn any card tricks. Magic is a fashion convention that happens twice a year, and it is where we get to see lines from hundreds of vendors and pick items we want to bring into the store! We spend days combing through everything trying to find you the best quality pieces that are cute and will win you the title of Brunch Queen this Spring.

To help us navigate these Spring trends, we have enlisted the help of two Baltimore based bloggers, Coffee Stained Lace and Shoptini. This will be a two part series in which Sydney and Kristi will answer questions and complete mock challenges to help us learn how to style the following Spring 2018 trends. Up first is Kristi! 



Q: How would you describe your style?

In one word....Personal! I love Rachel Zoe's quote "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak a word." And I whole heartedly believe this! I am not just one thing, but rather a beautifully chaotic combination of girl boss, wife, mother, daughter, sister, stylist, friend and much more. As I cannot be defined by one thing, neither can my style. Style is personal and unique but it is also artistic.  The art is in the way you style your look to express who you are. For me, it's usually representative of my current mood.  I love to experiment and play with all types of fashion. Trends come and go but your style is what always remains. How you creatively express who you are by styling pieces that might be timeless, classic, wild, sexy, chic, pretty, relaxed, comfy, feminine, and fierce are all a personal preference based on you. Somedays I mix and match styles, prints and textures, other days I'm simple with jeans and a tee. But more often than not you can find me put together in some version of a dress. My goal as a stylist is to inspire others through my personal style to take chances and try new looks in hopes that they might find their own style and have some fun along the way!


Q: We just got back from Magic, a buy trip in Vegas for Spring, and one trend we saw everywhere, and our customers requested were sets. What is your ideal set to wear as a fashionista, and what should women who have never worn sets before keep in mind when trying to embrace this trend?

Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme all the sets you've got! I LOVE sets! I have ever since I was a little girl! I used to wear this purple sweater skirt set and was obsessed... I would have worn it every day if my Mom would've allowed. The reason why I think I love sets so much is because I totally enjoy some matchy matchy style! I believe some have an aversion to sets because of the potential to show a little skin. While this can certainly be a concern there are plenty of different types of sets available that minimize exposing a lot of skin or areas where one may feel a bit uncomfortable showing. When looking to add sets to my collection I usually look for skirt/top combinations. Long skirts, short skirts, fitted or loose I love them all! If you're looking to take a little risk and try a set look, I suggest finding one close to your current "comfort zone". If you typically wear looser clothing, then try a set with a flowy pant/top combo or long maxi/top look. If you would like to cover your midriff area you could find a short/tunic top set.  There are a lot of options available for wearing sets. Another thing I love about sets is that you actually don't have to always wear them as a set! When you buy a set you are potentially purchasing three looks!!!! If you're able to find items in your current wardrobe to compliment the set then you can coordinate a separate look for both the top and bottom while of course being able wear the set as you bought it. See, three looks there! I can't wait to check out all the spring sets available this season! 


Q: Typically, we are used to seeing pearls just as jewelry. This winter they started showing up as embellishments on sweaters. For spring, we are seeing it on clothing, accessories, shoes, etc.…What are your fav ways to work this trend into your look for Spring? 

I enjoy wearing pearls and tend to do so in a traditional way. When I see pearls I think Classic and Feminine. I love pairing them with dresses (of course, I pair everything with dresses) blazers and denim. I am looking forward to trying new ways to style the pearl trend this spring.  I’m kind of hoping pearl accessories collide with the funky sneaker/slide trend.  How cute would a pair of leather or camo slides with pearl accents be?!?!!! 


Q: Spring usually has us gravitating towards bright and bold colors that carry us into summer.  At Magic we were seeing a ton of pastel colors. Do you like this trend? What pieces are good to buy as pastels, and which should we avoid in terms of versatility and longevity?  

Pretty Pastels? Sign me up!  I've been wearing pastels in spring for years and I’m glad to see it's on trend for this spring.  One of the happiest seasons is spring.  Most are excited to pack away their winter sweaters and scarves only to break out their open toed shoes and warmer weather wardrobes. Spring is the start of wedding season and typically a timeframe where fun celebrations occur like bridal showers, baby showers, graduations, Easter, and Mother's Day.  When attending these as a guest or as the one being honored, you want to feel happy! Wearing pastels can help. Pastels are pretty and exude classy femininity.  When you look good and feel pretty, you're happy!  When you're happy you will feel pretty.  Throw some pastels into the happy/pretty circle and you've got the perfect combination! The only downfall to pastels is that you most likely haven't had a chance to build your summer glow, in which case I recommend a spray tan. 

I mentioned earlier that fashion comes and goes, but typically trends seem to last around three years. You may want to keep this in mind when adding trendy items to your collection. When I consider fashion or trend items, I consider the investment and how likely the piece is to outlive the trend. When referring to pastels I believe dresses, tops and handbags are easy adds for the season but will be able to be worn for years to come. I would be mindful of not adding too many pastel pants and jackets to one's collection.  My favorite pastel colors are mint and blush... crossing my fingers they will be in the pastel mix this spring!


Q: Stripes: A love/Hate story. Many people either love or hate stripes. Which team do you fall on? Do you have any stripes in your closet? What pieces do you have? 

Straight up Stripe Lover over here! Vertical, Horizontal, Thick, Thin, on my clothing, in my hair, or on my feet, I don't discriminate! Stripes always grab my attention and I love to style them! I have an array of stripes in my collection that run the gamut from dresses to tops, purses to shoes, and even jewelry!  I know the love/hate relationship is very real for others. I think it's because there are so many variations and ways to wear stripes. This can be extremely overwhelming and I can see where most may tend to avoid stripes all together. The key is TLC... TRY, LEARN, AND COORDINATE. Trying on stripe pieces that catch your eye, learning which stripes compliment your figure, and coordinating accessories appropriately. When I'm wearing soft colored or feminine stripes I prefer to keep the look soft and on occasion pop a color accessory. If the stripes are thick, bright and attention grabbing I keep my other accessories to a minimum. Because stripes are usually the dominate piece in one's look, I believe it's important not to over stylize your look. If you’re wearing a bold stripe keep the accessories and other attention grabbing pieces to a minimum.




Brunch date with the girls at a local Fed Hill establishment. What from the Spring trends would you outfit yourself in? 

I am looking forward to spring for so many reasons. The flowers bloom, the weather is warmer, and everyone finally comes out of hibernation!  It’s about this time when my gal pals and I start booking our calendars full of Sunday Funday brunch dates! When I think about my spring brunch style I usually will pull together a fun set, or pair a cool top with white denim. If you’re into breaking rules like me, you might wear white denim all year long! A cute striped top or pretty pastel paired with white denim is a classy spring look that’s perfect for brunch with your besties!


A friend wants your help picking out a two-piece set for a weekend get together with friends. She’s never worn a two-piece set before. What are some examples of sets you would suggest to her? 

One of my favorite things about styling friends or clients is when they are open to trying new styles and then their reaction to when they love what they tried. Two piece sets are fun because they are different from the traditional ways to dress, but they can be a bit intimidating. If you are interested in trying a two piece for the first time I would suggest finding a two piece that is close to your current style. I believe the hesitation on trying two pieces comes from certain areas of skin being exposed. In this case I would suggest finding two pieces that minimize the skin exposure. You could find a set where the top silhouette is longer or a high waisted bottom. If tight/loose or long/short are your preference there are plenty of two piece set options out there just for you! Here are a few that I think would be a great way to try out a two piece set for the first time.


Your friend is a teacher and wants to wear the pearl trend but can’t be over glam because she works with kids. What accessories would you have her try?

We are going to see the pearl trend styled in a variety of ways this spring from super glam to simply sophisticated. If you are interested in trying this trend but need to be a bit subtle because of your profession or preference, there are options for you! Consider a fun sandal or slide with pearl embellishments.  Even a tote or clutch would be a great way to accessorize your looks with some pretty pearls.


We want to say a BIG thank you to Kristi for guiding us through these fashion trends, and sharing herself with us! Stay tuned to Thursday's blog as Coffee Stained Lace takes on our Spring styles. 


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